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The Columbarium
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The Columbarium

All columbariums and columbarium manufacturers are different. Which one you chose depends on your needs: architecture, quality, cost, support, etc.. You can get information about,Architarium. Or you can get information on our columbarium system by continuing to read here.

The Architarium Columbarium System
Our highly engineered columbarium system is based on frame with individual niches that form an insert.
The columbarium is available as an insert for a wall, as a wall add-on Columbarium Feature, or as a free standing granite structure built by Architarium. It is also available as independent or interconnected ground niches. Columbarium Feature
Test The frame has no size limitation. Columbarium Feature
Test The frame has an option for expansion of niches.
Test The frame is optional. I.e. Niches can be installed individually.
Test Each niche is self-contained – i.e. there are no common walls. No niche will sustain damage as the result of damage to an adjacent niche.
Test The standard niche size is 12x12x12 in.
Test Additional niche sizes are now available: 12x12x8 in., 12x18x12 in., 8x8x12 in. Columbarium Feature
Test The frame can accommodate multiple niche sizes in the same section. Columbarium Feature
Test No exterior hardware or trim is required. But both are available as design options.
Materials and Construction
test Print a summary of our columbarium specification for quick reference.
test Learn how our stainless steel compares to other materials used in columbarium construction.
test The columbarium is manufactured with Amada® robotics with a high degree of precision. Columbarium Feature
test The niches, frame and hardware are 100% stainless steel. Stainless steel is extremely durable and unaffected by changes in the environment. Columbarium Feature
Test Face plates are made of durable materials. Architarium has traditionally offered stone, especially granite.
Test Now Architarium also offers milled 0.25 in. bronze face plates. Columbarium Feature
Test Face plates are mechanically attached.
Test The columbarium design incorporates multiple moisture resistance and dissipation features. In addition, stainless steel minimizes condensation. No one wants a wet niche.
Test Your investment is protected by 40 year warranty and a business that was founded in 1926.
test The niches are built to accommodate commercially available urns and allow families to have a choice.
test The face plates snap on securely in seconds.
Test The face plates are aligned in the factory and stay aligned in the field.
Test With individual face plates, only one niche is uncovered during a service.
Test Individual face plates are lighter and easier to handle
Test Extra face plates are provided for engraving rotation, mistakes or breakage.
Test Maintenance on the columbarium requires basically a water hose.
test Each niche has two covers: an exterior face plate (stone or bronze) and an interior niche door (stainless steel).
test Only one niche is uncovered with the removal of a face plate.
Test The exterior face place is attached with a hidden proprietary mechanism that is removed with a provided tool. No hardware is visible from the exterior.
Test The interior niche door is attached with tamper-resistant hardware.
Cost Savings
test The columbarium is precision manufactured with Amada® robotics to ensure fit.
test The columbarium uses current engineering practices and materials for durability.
test The columbarium’s niches and face plate materials minimize shipping costs.
test Installation requires no heavy equipment which costs money and can damage the surrounding environment.
test Engineering and preassembled sections minimize labor costs.
test The columbarium’s niches and face plate materials are both durable yet lightweight to minimize shipping costs.
test Pre-assembled sections and simple instructions reduce installation costs and allow a choice of installers.
Test The engineered approach to the columbarium system allows for affordable de-installation and relocation.
Test The individual face plates allow engraving off-site and are less expensive to replace if one is damaged or incorrectly engraved.



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